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Composite Doors

Composite Doors

Our Composite Doors are manufactured in the UK with the utmost  attention to detail each door is tested to the highest recognised standards of fire and weather-resistance, draught exclusion and security capability.  We take pride in our Composite Doors to ensure you have a door which not only looks great but is also of extremely high quality ensuring  that you have a Composite Door  that you can trust.

What is a Composite Door? 

It is a high performance door because it is formed from GRP composite (high impact glass-reinforced polymer), combining traditional wood aesthetics with low maintenance technology.  In fact, apart from the occasional wipe down, you can simply enjoy your great-looking door every day.

Bridging the gap between traditional wood doors and modern uPVC doors, our range of Composite Doors offer  the traditional and charming appearance of timber, but with the high security secured by design multi point locking of a modern uPVC door.


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